Sean Ono

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I'm an aspiring marine ecologist from Southern California with a knack for identifying cnidarians and echinoderms (mainly ophiuroids). I'm primarily interested in the community ecology of reef organisms, especially the specific strategies used by individual species to secure an advantage over others. I'm also fascinated by mimicry, aposematic coloration, and camouflage in reef organisms (okay really just any thing to do with their appearance). Here's a list of some guides that I've created or helped create...

- Echinoderms of the North Eastern Pacific (
- Cnidarians of the North Eastern Pacific - Anthozoans (
- Cnidarians of the Eastern Pacific - Pelagics (
- Chaetodontid Identification - (

***Hawaiian Reef Fish Guide is currently under revision so that I can account for new introduced species. I plan to have it back up in a week or two.

Feel free to tag me in observations that you would like me to take a look at.

More guides and plenty of IDs coming your way very soon!

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