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I have been a nature lover and bird watcher for many years. I recently picked up a camera. When COVID closed all of the schools in March I needed to teach virtually, and after many hours behind a screen, I needed to get out of the house. I started going on walkabouts in my yard, and it was then that I realized that there were so many little things that I had never noticed before.

So my daily walkabout has become routine; in face, I go out several times a day and do a loop of the yard. I notice something new every day, and I'm learning the names of what inhabits this space, little by little, thanks to iNaturalist.
Everything that I post (with the exception of two critters) has come from my yard. The other two were from my next door neighbor's and the road right off my driveway, so I think that should count.
I had originally hoped to get up to 100 observations...I passed that a while ago, and the count keeps going up!

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