Abdurrahman Farhan

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Free Palestine ✊

I'm 18 years and a nature fanatic and aspiring to be a Zoologist/Wildlife conservationist, I'm also an avid wildlife photographer. I joined iNat in 2020, but very recently became active, so far I'm loving it! If you find any errors in my identification or observations, let me know, I'm here to learn. I currently reside in a city where I don't have much access to nature except if I travel out of the city, so my observations will roll in very slowly, it's just temporary and hopefully not forever. I will be identifying a lot, and hopefully, that will make up for the lack of observations.

You can find my photos at: https://500px.com/p/afyhussein?view=photos

and my ebird checklists on https://ebird.org/profile/MTg2Njc5Mw

and my website:



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