Ryan Hearty

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I'm an amateur naturalist and PhD candidate in history of science at Johns Hopkins University.

"When an ecologist says, 'there goes a badger,' he should include in his thoughts some definite idea of the animal's place in the community to which it belongs, just as if he had said, 'there goes the vicar.'" Charles Elton, Animal Ecology (1927)

I became interested in taxonomy while writing my master's thesis on Ruth Patrick's ecological program at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (article). Other than researching and teaching, I enjoy hiking, running, playing guitar, cooking vegetables and pasta, listening to metal and folk music, and solving puzzles.

Fun game: guess who said this!

Like all Americans, I like big things; big parades, big forests and mountains, big wheat fields, railroads – and herds of cattle too; big factories, steamboats and everything else. But we must keep steadily in mind that no people were ever yet benefited by riches if their property corrupted their virtue. It is more important that we should show ourselves honest, brave, truthful, and intelligent than that we should own all the railways and grain elevators in the world…

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