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Biology is my lifelong love and undergrad degree. I'm also particularly fond of Australia and the American mid/southwest. Someday I'll move to SA and farm potoroos, but in the meantime I'm a freelance scientific illustrator based in California. [My profile pic tree-kangaroos (distant cousins) are by Henry C. Richter, who illustrated John Gould's The Mammals of Australia and The Birds of Australia.] I've learned a lot of cool stuff and met a lot of cool people through iNaturalist. Please feel free to message me if you want travel tips somewhere I've been or would like to meet up for a hike. :)

Some favorite identification sources (and always looking for more if anyone has recommendations):

[within sections they're organized in the order: general/multiple - mammals - birds - herps - bugs - fish - other inverts - plants]

IDing flies to Family
Very helpful tips for photographing mollusks on susanhewitt's profile, and some examples of good snail photos showing multiple views.
Tips for photographing/IDing mosses in erikamitchell's comments
photographing Bush-mallows for identification

*United States & Canada
Kaufman Field Guide to Mammals of North America
The Sibley Guide to Birds [North America]
US Feather Atlas
California Herps
Dragonflies of the Southwest
Common Dragonflies of California: A Beginner's Pocket Guide (Biggs)
Crabs and Shrimps of the Pacific Coast (Jensen)
Plant Galls of California and Other Western States (Russo)
USDA Plants Database
The Jepson eFlora (California plants)

The Online Guide to the Animals of Trinidad and Tobago
Birds of the West Indies (Raffaele, Wiley, Garrido, & Keith)
Reef Fish Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas (Humann & DeLoach)
Reef Creature Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas (Humann & DeLoach)
Reef Coral Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas (Humann & DeLoach)

*Hawai'i specifically
Hawaii's Birds (Hawaii Audubon Society)
Insects of Hawai'i
The Ultimate Guide to Hawai'ian Reef Fishes (Hoover)
Hawai'i's Sea Creatures (Hoover)
Marine Algae of Hawai'i

*other tropical Pacific islands (including general area references that cover Hawai'i)
Birds & Bats of Palau (Pratt & Etpison)
The Birds of Hawai'i and the Tropical Pacific (Pratt, Bruner, & Berrett)
Reptiles and Amphibians of the Pacific Islands (Zug)
Reef Fish ID: Tropical Pacific (Humann & DeLoach)
Reef Creature ID: Tropical Pacific (Humann & DeLoach)

Mammals of Australia (Strahan)
Field Companion to Mammals of Australia (Van Dyck, Gynther, & Baker)
The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia (Pizzey & Knight)
A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia (Wilson & Swan)
Brisbane Insects and Spiders
Insects of Tasmania
Sydney-area Butterflies & Caterpillars
Interactive Australian Dragonfly Identification Key
Reef Fish ID: Tropical Pacific (Humann & DeLoach)
Reef Creature ID: Tropical Pacific (Humann & DeLoach)
Estuarine Shore Crabs of New South Wales (pdf)
Ocean Shore Crabs of New South Wales (pdf)
The Seashells of NSW
Weeds in Australia
FloraBase: Western Australian Flora
PlantNET: NSW FloraOnline
Key to Tasmanian Vascular Plants
Victorian Drosera and Utricularia
Field Guide to the Mangroves of Queensland (pdf)

*New Zealand
Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand (Robertson, Heather, & Onley)
NZ Birds Online
NZ Bumblebees
NZ Butterfly
Coastal Crabs of NZ (pdf)
Flora of New Zealand

Collins/Princeton Birds of Europe (Svensson, Mullarney, & Zetterstrom)
Botanical Society of the British Isles: Find Wild Flowers

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