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I got my start with natives when I was young - hiking woods with my Aunt and Grandma. We'd hike in search of new (to us) plants - learning, learning. It's an excellent thing to teach a child! I went on to earn a degree in Turf and Landscape Horticulture, and then a Landscape Architecture degree. Today, I work as a landscape architect in a Civil Engineering firm. I design with natives unless price, plant availability, or client's requests dictate otherwise.

I hike and identify plants for several reasons:
1 - I identify plants so I can learn in what light conditions/soil conditions/plant communities our native plants grow so I can better design with native plants.
2 - doing so puts me in my "happy place"!
3 - to collect seeds in order to propagate the local genotypes instead of purchasing out of state seed genotypes.
4 - It's exciting to find a plant I haven't discovered before-that rush of endorphins!

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