Todd Jackson Curator

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I work as a biologist with the City of Austin, Watershed Protection Department. My specialty here is aquatic macroinvertebrates (we use them for biomonitoring in our area streams and springs). I also work with the City to monitor endangered and threatened salamanders, freshwater mussels, assist with local restoration projects and some other pretty neat stuff. I've done some other arthropod bioinventories, invasive plant studies, endangered species monitoring, water quality monitoring and general field work in previous jobs, and have a pretty broad interest in Texas ecosystems and entomology. After a few years off from writing, I'm starting up work on an old project to catalog all of the records of Orthoptera recorded for Texas. So far on iNaturalist I've just been uploading photos taken during previous projects, but I'm hoping to start adding all of the aquatic taxa that we collect in the City of Austin soon!

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