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I am new to this program. In 2017 everything I came across was a first for me. I am an AMATEUR! naturenut and taogirl and taogirl's husband Bob told me about this site and said I should join. I love nature, always have. I live for the outdoors. I travel, hike, bike, camp, walk and clean a huge park. I have many hobbies as I am a do it yourself as much as possible woman. I believe in reuse, repurpose and recycle. The less in our land fill, the better! I also own and operate a business with my wonderful Hubby of 26 years. I do not get lots of time to learn all the different things there is to know to differentiate the insects I come across but I do not let that stop me from posting what I have found. I love being part of citizen science. Posting something not yet seen for our area or TX is exciting. Finding things that have been seen a million times is still exciting to me as well. I am thankful to everyone who have been kind enough to ID what I post or tell me I have it wrong and some tell me why it may be wrong. People have come up to me and asked me in a parking lot or a park or camping or wherever I am, what am I photographing? I tell them about inaturalist. I tell them about the different ages and countries including our own, and the different types of projects that are involved and the people that upload cool things every second, minute and hour of the day. They are amazed! I said, it is fun to see what people post all around the world. I said if you have nothing to post you can still take a look and see all the beautiful and weird things that get posted or that you can just identify stuff if you know what it is. Each day I am opening a gift with my eyes and camera, the Biology diversity of plants and animals and insects is truly amazing. I'd like to say ahead of time, thank you for your time and kindness.✌🏻

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