Anneke van Breda

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Field of Interest The organically and bio-dynamically farmed Waterkloof Wine Estate in the Schapenberg (between Sir Lowry's Pass Village and Somerset West) has an area of 53 hectares of cleared and reclaimed fynbos and some virgin soils. The farm is situated between about 150 and 350 metres above sea level, with a variety of soil types and sun angles/exposures. Rocky outcrops / a natural spring / north and south facing hilly areas / forest areas / valleys / marshy areas and dams - all form distinct habitats that play their part in an amazing variety of fynbos, proteas, bulbs, succulents, fungi, etc. to be found on the farm. I am in the 7th year of regular walks (with camera in hand and at the ready), trying to put together a comprehensive collection of photographs of the flora (and sometimes fauna) that happily grow in this plant rich area. To date I have photographed in excess of 600 plant species and subspecies, covering a very small part of the fynbos area.

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