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I am a sixteen-year-old naturalist from the Chicago suburbs, my main interests are birds and flower flies (syrphidae) but plants, beetles, and butterflies are close behind

I have been interested in birds practically my whole life, in 2013 I encountered a flock of unusual looking ducks (probably Ring-necked Ducks) at a lake behind my cabin, from then on I'd never look at birds the same way again. A while later I met up with a group of experienced senior birders and with Illinois Young Birders Club who have mentored me ever since. In 2016 at the Illinois Young Birders Symposium I founded Whimbrel Birders Club. A couple of years ago, I created a survey about the top birding locations in Illinois and it was posted DNA info and was talked about on WBBM. I got Honorable Mention for Conservation & Community module in the ABA's Young Birder of the Year contest in 2017 and received the Young Environmentalist award in 2019 from Chicago Audubon Society. I am also the current organizer for the Chicago region City Nature Challenge.

BTW, you might see a ”?” in the description of my observations, this means it's a tentative ID (usually when I’m batch uploading obs and don’t feel like putting in ”tentative ID”)

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