Xavier Rufray

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I'm a naturalist since the age of 13. I started with ornithology, but now I am interested in many taxonomic groups: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, dragonflies, marine fish, opistobranch molluscs, etc...
I worked during 15 years for large French NGOs (LPO, GRIVE, CEN) and I managed bird conservation programmes (mainly on gulls, terns and shorebirds). Now I work for an ecology consultancy firm and I manage ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation programmes all over the world (mainly Guinea, Gabon, Morocco, China etc...).
In France, where I live, my last passion is to make marine fish and seaslugs inventories in little explored areas with some diver's friends.

I participate in the publication of the results of our dives in the Biotope Foundation e-journal : https://www.biotope.fr/fondation-biotope-pour-la-biodiversite/cahiers-fondation/

  • Menut T., Bérenger L, Rufray X. (2017) – Inventaire_ichtyologique_en_Croatie_ile_de_Krk – Les cahiers de la fondation biotope 23 : 1-45
  • Menut T., Bérenger L., Prat M., & Rufray X. (2019) 2016: Report on a year of underwater ichthyological inventories in the French Mediterranean Sea, Fondation Biotope notebook 25: 1- 47 + appendix.
    RUFRAY X., GIRARD P., LE BRIS S., MENUT T., SANTARELLI C. & SALVADOR X. (2021) – Liste commentée des limaces de mer de la lagune de Thau, Hérault. Les cahiers de la fondation Biotope 36 : 1- 189.

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