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April 24, 2020 02:53 PM CEST


Ophrys pallida Raf. rediscovered in Constantine (Algeria)

HADDAD K., AFOUTNI L. & FILALI A., 2020.– Redécouverte d’Ophrys pallida Raf. à Constantine (Algérie). L’Orchidophile 227: 405-410.
From 24th to 27th April 2020, floristic explorations were organized, aiming to study the distribution of orchid species in the wilaya of Constantine. After observing Ophrys pallida several times, we decided to present this work to take stock of several objectives and are as follows; to confirm the presence of
Oph. pallida in Algeria, in stations already known and in new sites and more precisely in Djebel Ouahch, willaya of Constantine; to show that it is endemic to Siculo-Algeria and that it is rare and to be protected; to place Oph. pectus in synonymy of Oph. pallida and to keep Oph. pallida at the rank of species, contrary to
what seems today accepted by the reference databases (Kew, Tropicos), which consider this taxon as Oph. fusca subsp. pallida. In this note, we also present a distribution map of this species in Constantine and Algeria while describing the new places.

Keywords.– Ophrys pectus; Ophrys pallida; Siculo-algerian endemism; Djebel Ouahch; Numidia.

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