Projects in Exmoor National Park

ENNIS - Exmoor Non-Native Invasive Species Project icon

ENNIS - Exmoor Non-Native Invasive Species Project

This project includes observations to record survey effort. That is. If you don't find any invasive speci...
Exmoor Waxcaps icon

Exmoor Waxcaps

for recording Waxcap Fungi on Exmoor
Exmoor Wildwatch icon

Exmoor Wildwatch

To track the wildlife of exmoor. All iNaturalist records on Exmoor are automatically added. Please also...
export records icon

export records

A collection of records suitable for export
National Parks UK LookWild icon

National Parks UK LookWild

Tracking the wildlife and biodiversity of the UK's 15 National Parks. Join this project if you are willi...
Somerset & Exmoor Marine Mammals icon

Somerset & Exmoor Marine Mammals

Marine mammal sightings from the coast of north Somerset, Somerset and Exmoor. From Combe Martin on Exmoor ...
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