Projects in Georgia

Aquatic insects icon

Aquatic insects

Discover the aquatic insects of the world, as they are very important in the ecosystem.
Biodiversity of  Georgia icon

Biodiversity of Georgia

Discover and document the Biodiversity of Georgia
Birds of Northern Eurasia (ex-USSR) icon

Birds of Northern Eurasia (ex-USSR)

Птицы территории стран Северной Евразии (бывшего СССР).
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug icon

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Butterflies of Georgia icon

Butterflies of Georgia

Butterflies of Georgia
Cytisus icon


Distribution of the relict Pistacia atlantica along the Black sea region icon

Distribution of the relict Pistacia atlantica along the Black sea region

Pistacia atlantica is a species of pistachio tree known by the English common name Mt. Atlas mastic tree[2]...
eastern forest wildflowers icon

eastern forest wildflowers

forests of the east
European birds icon

European birds

Work in progress...
European Coleoptera icon

European Coleoptera

Work in progress...
European mammals icon

European mammals

Knowing where mammals occur is a crucial part in targeting conservation action and informed decision making...
European Micropezids & Tanypezids icon

European Micropezids & Tanypezids

Diptera: Nerioidea & Diopsoidea. Stilt flies, stalk-eyed flies...
European Sciomyzids icon

European Sciomyzids

Diptera: Sciomyzidae & Phaeomyiidae Based on the UK Recording Scheme (
Fungi of Georgia icon

Fungi of Georgia

The aim of this project is to collect the data about fungal biodiversity in Georgia. Anyone is welcome to c...
GEORGIA - wild plants icon

GEORGIA - wild plants

GEORGIA - wild plants
iNaturalist du Monde icon

iNaturalist du Monde

Aventurons nous, explorerons et partageons la faune et la flore du Monde. Projet créé par : "lafaunesauvag...
Ladybird Beetles of Georgia icon

Ladybird Beetles of Georgia

Ladybird Beetles of Georgia
Megafauna remnants of the W Palearctic icon

Megafauna remnants of the W Palearctic

Companion to this guide: Megafauna remnants of the W Palearctic, t...
Moths of Georgia (Asia) icon

Moths of Georgia (Asia)

A collection project for moth observations from Georgia, contributing to the umbrella Moths of Asia project
Seeds of Georgia icon

Seeds of Georgia

Seed collecting training course and field trip, August 2016
subtropical wildflowers icon

subtropical wildflowers

subtropical beuties
Transcaucasia icon


Transcaucasia, also known as the South Caucasus, is a geographical region in the vicinity of the southern C...
Westlake High School BioBlitz icon

Westlake High School BioBlitz

This is a project by Ms. Mattson's students to collect species data from the Westlake High School zone.
Вымершие подвиды тигра icon

Вымершие подвиды тигра

Вымершие тигры которые вымерли в 500 лет
Вымершие тигры icon

Вымершие тигры

Вымершие тигры которые вымерли на 500 лет
Редкие беспозвоночные бывшего СССР. icon

Редкие беспозвоночные бывшего СССР.

В проекте собираются и обобщаются наблюдения всех видов редких, крупных, ярких, редко встречаемых, малоизуч...
საქართველოს მცენარეულობა - inat Georgia icon

საქართველოს მცენარეულობა - inat Georgia

საქართველოს ეროვნული ბოტანიკური ბაღი აგრძელებს iNaturialist პლატფორმის საშუალებით საზოგადოების ჩართვას საქა...
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