Projects in Norway

10 vårtegn icon

10 vårtegn

Hei alle i 1 STC. Her vil jeg at alle skal laste opp de første 10 vårtegnene dere ser rundt dere i lokalmil...
Aquatic insects icon

Aquatic insects

Discover the aquatic insects of the world, as they are very important in the ecosystem.
Biller i Norge icon

Biller i Norge

Biller observert i Norge
Biodiversity of Norway icon

Biodiversity of Norway

Discover and document the Biodiversity of Norway
Biomonitoring in Bergen icon

Biomonitoring in Bergen

Biomonitoring use a response of living organisms to environmental quality. Lichens are amongst the most sen...
Birds of Scandinavia icon

Birds of Scandinavia

Aim of this project is to collect all observations of birds in Scandinavia.
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug icon

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Bryophytes of Scandinavia icon

Bryophytes of Scandinavia

Explore and identify the diverse bryophytes of Scandinavia!
City invasions icon

City invasions

Cities are hotspots for plant invasions, and you can take that literally: as Urban Heat Islands, they are a...
Cortinicara gibbosa (minute brown scavenger beetle) icon

Cortinicara gibbosa (minute brown scavenger beetle)

Cortinicara gibbosa (minute brown scavenger beetle)
DMMH Natur og Friluftsliv icon

DMMH Natur og Friluftsliv

DMMH Natur og Friluftsliv ekskursjonar
Fauna of Norway icon

Fauna of Norway

The project which aim is to collect all observations of animals which were done in Norway.
GodliaT icon


Dette er arter som jeg ser på Godlia T-banestasjon. Benyttet til å lære Appen.
Hogstflate ved Holmlund barnehage icon

Hogstflate ved Holmlund barnehage

Species on a felling area just south of Holmlund Kindergarten. Students from Inland University. Arter fra ...
iNaturalist du Monde icon

iNaturalist du Monde

Aventurons nous, explorerons et partageons la faune et la flore du Monde. Projet créé par : "lafaunesauvag...


Test project - updates to follwo
Ladybird Beetles of Norway icon

Ladybird Beetles of Norway

Ladybird Beetles of Norway
Marine Fishes of the North-East Atlantic icon

Marine Fishes of the North-East Atlantic

The aim of this project is to have an easy access to all the marine and brackish water fishes in the North-...
Megafauna of the Atlantic icon

Megafauna of the Atlantic

"Megafauna" is often treated as an informal term, but this project follows the criteria outlined by Paul S....
Nordic Bivalves icon

Nordic Bivalves

Bivalves of Scandinavia and adjacent nordic countries.
Nordic Fishes icon

Nordic Fishes

The Nordic Fishes Project allows you to upload your images of fishes and to comment on and identify other m...
Norsk natur icon

Norsk natur

Document the vast and unique Norwegian wildlife!
NORWAY - wild flora icon

NORWAY - wild flora

NORWAY - wild flora
Rhyacionia buoliana (European pine shoot moth) icon

Rhyacionia buoliana (European pine shoot moth)

Rhyacionia buoliana (European pine shoot moth)
Sanking i Fredrikstad icon

Sanking i Fredrikstad

Spiselege artar
Scandinavian freshwater snails icon

Scandinavian freshwater snails

Scandinavian freshwater snails
specie europee icon

specie europee

questo progetto si occupa di identificare specie di animali provenienti dall'Europa! godetevi una buona ric...
Thomisidae of Europe icon

Thomisidae of Europe

A collection of European Thomisidae (Crab Spiders) observations from Europe and nearby territories.
Trondheim BioBlitz 2019 icon

Trondheim BioBlitz 2019

Trondheim BioBlitz 2019 er fra 16. juni til 23. juni, i hele Trondheim kommune. BioBlitzen startes med en d...


Kartlegging og registrering av naturtype og vegetasjon i prosjektområdene "Skårerparken" og "mindre park 1".
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