Remember, tonight at midnight is the deadline for this year's Personal Bioblitz. After that you can't observe anything else to add to this project. You have a couple of more days to add photos and observations and identifications on already uploaded things, see post below (or earlier e-mail).

We have already broken the number of observations record for a personal bioblitz (HURRAY), and we have also broken the number of species reported in the last week. We should be able to get over 3500 species, but then you need report or identify those rare things nobody else has seen yet. And, will we reach 17000 observations? Maybe... lets see.

Congratulations everybody, amazing work.

Lena Struwe

Posted by vilseskog vilseskog, May 15, 2017 12:37


I think we could reach 19 000 observations!!!!

Posted by evahedstrom over 4 years ago (Flag)

That would be amazing Eva!

Posted by vilseskog over 4 years ago (Flag)

Can I ask something? Is there a fast and easy way that I can add the project tag to a few hundred observations that I made in Nevis West Indies over the last 4 weeks? Or do I have to do it individually by hand?

Posted by susanhewitt over 4 years ago (Flag)

Ah... no problem, one of my iNat friend explained to me how to do that and I got it done! Great.

Posted by susanhewitt over 4 years ago (Flag)

A number of my observations are from the hotel grounds on Nevis, which are gardened but are not very well cared for, so I have tried to guess what was planted and what is a volunteer/ spontaneous vegetation. It is hard to be quite sure what is planted, because some of the species growing there are in fact native to the Caribbean, but may have been planted in this particular locality, whereas some others which are not native, in some cases may be species that have become naturalized.

Posted by susanhewitt over 4 years ago (Flag)

Hi Susan - great - people will tell you if they know something is cultivated. Can you make sure only to include the bioblitz observations that were uploaded no later than May 22? That was the deadline for additions, and all observations should be between March 1 and May 15 2017, of course. Thanks for all your great observations and ID help, always!


Posted by vilseskog over 4 years ago (Flag)

I will check to see when my more recent ones were uploaded, and remove those that were uploaded later than May 22. I already removed the ones that were observed after May 15.

Posted by susanhewitt over 4 years ago (Flag)

OK, my more recently uploaded ones are no longer in the project, so that aspect of the records is OK now.

You are welcome Lena, of course I enjoyed this project. :)

Posted by susanhewitt over 4 years ago (Flag)

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