Legless lizards of California

The California Natural Diversity Database has been working on updating all of our records of legless lizards (Anniella) from Antioch to the Tijuana River Valley. Now would be a great time to upload your past observations to iNaturalist or make some new ones and make sure to share them with us by joining our CNDDB iNat project.

Just in case you need some inspiration!

Posted on December 07, 2018 08:59 PM by cnddb_brian cnddb_brian


Are we only adding species of concern or would you like all of our finds?

Posted by brianhindsakafundad over 4 years ago

The CNDDB tracks vulnerable, at-risk species such as Threatened, Endangered, Species of Special Concern, and other vulnerable species that may not have formal protection. The species we track are detailed in our Special Animals List and Special Plants List available at https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Data/CNDDB/Plants-and-Animals. Also, this project is set-up in such a way to limit the species to those lists that were observed in California.

@fundad specifically, if you have joined our project and made your observations available to us by default, which I'm pretty sure you have, then your observations on iNaturalist that meet our minimum requirements (in California & a taxon of interest) should be shared directly with out project.


Posted by cnddb_brian over 4 years ago

Hi Brian,
I hope you're well. :)

Thank you. I thought that was the case, but got a little stumped when I found records of sensitive species that I have that were not automatically put in your project.

Yours Truly

Posted by brianhindsakafundad over 4 years ago

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