Can you ID Fen Orchid (Liparis loeselii)? Know your Fraxinus spp?

As of Wednesday night, there have been a whopping 10,900 identifications for City Nature Challenge 2019: Chicago Wilderness Regions! Thanks to all of you extraordinary identifiers out there @evan8 @eriko @mcaple @prairiehobbit who have each made over 400 species IDs since Friday.

THREATENED: There are currently 61 T/E observations that are awaiting identification. Can you ID any of these imperiled species?

Plants make up 61% of our observations. The categories below are non-plant categories that can bump up our species count if we can get confirmations.

FUNGI: There are 234 fungi observations awaiting identification. If 'shrooms are your jam, can you help us out of one?

INSECTS: Chicago Wilderness needs your insect expertise, there are 156 that have been hanging out in the "Needs ID" category. Know anyone that can help with these beautiful moths?

ARACHNIDS: There are some beautiful images of Weaver and Wolf spiders that haven't been confirmed yet.

REPTILES: Do you know snakes and turtles? See if you can ID any of these.

There are four more days to upload and identify observations to be counted as part of City Nature Challenge (ends May 5th at 11:5p pm CT.) Thanks, everyone. Nature appreciates it!

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