Side-by-side site-monitoring views (smvs) one year after start of site-based manual restoration

Site monitoring views made from a similar viewpoint over a period of time.
Many of these will also have a "Linked observation" Field at the right of the observation, linking the "Before" and "after" views directly.
Note that iNaturalist crops thumbnail images to a square, so the view may be partially hidden in the thumbnail. Opening each observation in a new browser tab allows simultaneous viewing of both whole images.

Wide view of CHF-Arena Kikuyu Margin smv8

CHF Bank smv7:

Arena smv1:

Ti kouka - Lower Arena/CHF Bank smv3:

Lower Arena canopy margin smv4:

Tiptoe path through Apron, from Arena, smv2:

Apron kikuyu smv5:

Tiptoe path Apron to Arena smv6:

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