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Its already Week 12 of the iNaturalist World Tour. This week we'll visit Pakistan in South Asia, Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in Sub-Saharan Africa, Albania in Europe and the UAE in the Middle East.

We begin in Pakistan. The top observer is @gilgit2 whose observations are clustered around the capital of Islamabad and in the mountainous far northern regions of Pakistan. There is a cluster of top observers in the area around Islamabad. These include @azazahmad, who has a Masters in Entomology, with observations nearer to Peshwar in the west and @fazlullah with observations clustered a bit to the north and @seemab. The second top observer, @altafhussain, has observations clustered around the town of Sobho Dero which lies to the south of Islamabad. A second cluster of top observers is around the town of Bahawalpur to the south of Multan. These include @ammad1, who also has a Masters in Entomology, and @raowasi. A third cluster of top observers is around the most populous city of Karachi in the south such as @mustafamalik and @kingrexy. @hendricksb, the only top 10 observer who appears to be a visitor rather than Pakistani resident has observations in the far north near the border with China.

The chart of observations per month is dominated by a singe month, May of 2018, when @gilgit2 added over 4,200 observations in a single month. Since that spike, observations have been hovering around 150-200 a month.

Aside from the mysterious @shahnawal, the top five identifiers (@rajibmaulick, @johnascher, @jeremybarker, and@sethmiller) are based in India, Singapore, Germany, and Bangladesh respectively. @rajibmaulick leads in bird IDs, @johnascher in insect IDs and @kastani in plant IDs.

What can we do to improve iNaturalist in Pakistan? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread.

@gilgit2 @altafhussain @azazahmad @ammad1 @fazlullah @rajibmaulick @johnascher @shahnawal @jeremybarker @sethmiller

We’ll be back tomorrow with Trinidad and Tobago!

Posted by loarie loarie, September 10, 2019 06:33


Maybe you could collaborate with WWF or one of the universities in Pakistan to get the word out about iNaturalist? I have Pakistani heritage, but have never visited. I would love to see more of the biodiversity of the region!

Posted by mindi_m about 2 years ago (Flag)

You should collaborate with our research institutes to explore the biodiversity in Pakistan. I present myself as a volunteer for this work.

Posted by ammad1 about 2 years ago (Flag)

You should collaborate to universities, research institutes and NGOs which are working in Pakistan to explore the flora and fauna. Very few people knows about the biodiversity of this area.

Posted by raowasi almost 2 years ago (Flag)

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