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We end week 19 of the iNaturalist World Tour in Iraq. Again, apologies for the continued abbreviated World Tour posts. The top observer in Iraq by a very large lead is @zayn_alnajm with observations clustered around Basrah. Seven of the top 10 observers appear to be residents of Iraq including @sarchia, @a_pine_line (an environmental organization based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan), @bahrouz (a professor in molecular microbiology at University of Sulaimani), @hanaraza (a wildlife conservationist in Kurdistan, Iraq), @kamel3 (a biologist), and @azhin. @gregpc has from 2008 near the Mosul Airport. @jonathan's frog observation made while stationed in Iraq was one of the first stories from iNaturalist picked up by the media back in 2011. @matt-ratcliffe appears to be in Iraq at the moment posting observations as recently as yesterday.

The number of observations per month peaked in 2018, particularly in Feburary when @zayn_alnajm was most active.

The top identifiers are @cliygh-and-mia, @zayn_alnajm, @sammyboy2059, @borisb, and @wongun

What can we do to get more people in Iraq using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below.

@zayn_alnajm @sarchia @a_pine_line @bahrouz @hanaraza @cliygh-and-mia @sammyboy2059 @borisb @wongun @kamel3

We’ll be back tomorrow in Mongolia!

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The link on the word "Iraq" in the first line is to which appears to be the link for Reunion island. Iraq is apparently 8206.

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