Feltia subgothica/tricosa

These are the two most difficult species to differentiate in the Feltia genus. The most reliable method is to look at the male antennal seate. The difference can be seen here - https://www.ndsu.edu/pubweb/~gefauske/ndmoths/names/10674.htm - and these features can be seen on iNat with high image magnification, but not always.
Bugguide has a somewhat confusing description (https://bugguide.net/node/view/10466). Through my observations I think this is how it works - F. subgothica has a less 'furry' antenna, is overall a lighter looking moth, and has this appearance.

F. tricosa has longer setae, is darker, and looks like this.

This is only a rough guide. Due to variation and wear, it may not be possible to identify these moths visually, in which case (after Feltia jaculifera & F. herilis have been ruled out), genus Feltia would be the prudent option.

Photos courtesy of CBIF.

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