Event update: 1,000+ species, 17 countries

We have now found and submitted over 1,000 species to iNaturalist as part of today's bioblitz! Nearly 20 countries are represented, spanning the globe from Canada to Fiji and from Russia to Peru.

Recently submitted observations include this introduced Japanese Zelkova found by @ivanort , a jumping spider in the subfamily Salticinae (@awsalas ), this cute Eastern Cottontail (@chrisnerrie ), and this beautiful North American Luna Moth (@sophie342 ).

Keep those observations coming!

Posted by slamonde slamonde, June 14, 2020 21:43


Thank you so much for the invitation! I have enjoyed participating and discovering the biodiversity we have at home! An interesting detail is that in the last two weeks, the local climate changed and that caused an interesting change in recorded species. For the first time I registered Salticinae spiders at home and that motivates my interest to continue observing them. Greetings to all from Peru and enjoy using iNaturalist!

Posted by awsalas over 1 year ago (Flag)

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