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We have seen an increase in the number of observations particularly with the increased rainfall on the east coast, with some fantastic pictures submitted like this 'Hexham Grey' Aedes alternans (left, observed by @debtaylor142 ) and this 'Striped Mosquito' Aedes notoscriptus (right observed by @nomennudum) below.

It would be great for some of the more experienced observers to assist with identifications.
I have added some resources to the project description.
I have also included a link to observations requiring ID so if you want to help identify Mosquitoes on the project here is a list of all the observations in need of ID.

Can i make some suggestions, it would be fantastic to add the 'Observation Fields'
Blood fed
feeding on
when uploading observations or reviewing observations

Posted by stephen169 stephen169, January 09, 2021 00:54



Glad you like my pic of the Hexham Grey (Aedes alternans) - a new species for me and happy to report NOT my blood lol. The striped Mosquito (Aedes notoscriptus) is not my photo so maybe check so that the right contributor can be credited. Cheers from Deb Taylor

Posted by debtaylor142 7 months ago (Flag)

Correct ! thanks for the heads up cut and paste error

Posted by stephen169 7 months ago (Flag)

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