City Nature Challenge 2021!

Hi Folks!

Wanted to let you all know that City Nature Challenge is happening this year, April 30-May 4, 2021! This is our first year of participating and we are the only Montana town involved. There are 300+ cities participating worldwide.

In 2020 the CNC turned into a much more collaborative event, rather than a competition for who could find the most species, had most observers, and most observations. However, Bonner County, Idaho has reached out and wants to compete with Carbon County this year.

I’ve tagged you in this journal post because you’re either: (1) a top identifier in Carbon County (2) a top observer in Carbon County. We’re really hoping you’ll participate in this year’s City Nature Challenge – while we know getting observations from as many people as we can is important, we also know that it’s top iNat observers like you that will really push us ahead in the number of observations made and especially the number of species found in the county!

The easiest way to join in is to just make as many observations of as many species as possible in Carbon County between April 30-May 3.. Helping with IDs will also increase our species number, so that’s a great way to help out as well. You can identify species through May 9th. And of course, spread the word! City Nature Challenge 2021: Red Lodge Area iNaturalist project:

The details: the CNC runs from 12:01 AM on Friday, 4/30 to 11:59 PM on Monday, 5/3. All observations from Carbon County counts. Results will be announced on 5/10, so try to get all your observations uploaded by then! Also, the more observations we can get identified down to species by then, the higher our species number will be.

Typically with events like this we would try to coordinate in-person guided walks but with the uncertainty of Covid we are relying on you all to get out there, inspire your friends to participate, and maybe use this as an excuse to visit a specific area you've been putting off. On Saturday and Sunday, May 1-2, the H.E.R.O. STEAM Center at the Roosevelt Center in Red Lodge will be open to participants to come and upload observations, grab a few snacks, ask questions, and borrow equipment. The STEAM Center is working on a few ideas for free take home items that you can make while there.

Reach out to me if you have any questions (@thesciencecamel).

Please feel free to brainstorm other ideas, ask questions, etc. in the comments – and definitely add others to this journal post via tagging them in the comments!

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Thanks for tagging me! It sounds fun, but I'm not in the area anymore. Good luck and have fun :)

Posted by lemna 5 months ago (Flag)

@lemna Thanks! You should check to see if they have on happening around you!

Posted by thesciencecamel 4 months ago (Flag)

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