Abiotic and Biotic Factors

There are two factors that have effects on an ecosystem. Abiotic and Biotic factors. Abiotic factors are non-living things that "live" in an ecosystem that affect both the ecosystem and its surroundings. Some examples of Abiotic factors are the sun, rocks, water, and sand. Biotic factors are living organisms that affect other living organisms. Some examples of Biotic factors are fish, insects, and animals.

The River to Sea Preserve is home to many abiotic and biotic species that are located in central Florida. There are two species that I have chosen to research that live in the River to Sea Preserve are the Soft-Shell Turtle and the Blood Brittle Starfish. Both species have the same abiotic and biotic factors. The abiotic factors of both species are Water, Sand, Shells, Sunlight, and rocks. The biotic factors of both species are Insects, Fish, Plants, and Algae

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are rocks, water or soil all abiotic.

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