Tuesday 3/23/2021 - 9 am

Day 1
Tuesday 3/23/2021 - 9 am
Weather - cold, very windy! So windy, in fact, that I watched a caterpillar trying to cross the road rolling with the wind. Last rain - last week.
I flagged 60 dead newts, from the parking lot to the boat club, beginning the #5 experiment. There were 28 on the way to the boat club. Most newts were very dry. A few tiny ones. I didn't remove any newt, and didn't add these newts to any other project. I will add them to the 2021, juvenile, and HTH projects tomorrow, when I'll do the regular survey of the whole road.
The road was quiet: Traffic: 9 trucks, 31 cars (including County Parks),3 bikes, 3 pedestrians, and 22 cars parked by the road and in the parking lot.
I didn't see the HTH team. I think they already passed. There was a bloody spot on the road where I'm guessing they removed a newt. #10 was in front of Array #1 50 feet area, and was probably left there as it's very old. A ranger stopped by to ask me about the pitfall traps, he wanted to join the HTH team, and I told him they usually walk around 9 am.

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Best of luck with Experiment #5, Merav!
Poor little caterpillar - being blown about by the wind.
Once my son and I saw a Chihuahua being picked up and blown by the wind at Death Valley.

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I forgot to mention there was one live newt at the little "pond" by Limekiln. I didn't get a photo.

Posted by merav 3 months ago (Flag)

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