Recordbreaking Personal Bioblitz 2021 - time to tally up and get the last uploads and ID's done

Hi all bioblitzers –

So, the Personal Bioblitz 2021 is over, it ended at midnight on May 15 your local time. It is clear we have broken all records, but, the exact numbers are not yet certain.

You have until midnight on May 23 to curate your own observations in the project:

  1. Add any of your observations seen during March 1-May 15 that not yet have been added.
  2. Work on getting as many of your observations to genus or species level (or whatever is possible for the taxonomic group)
  3. Make sure you don’t have any observations in the project that need to be removed (seen before March 1, 2021; seen after May 15, 2021; or are clearly cultivated or captive by humans)
  4. All observations need to have a place and a date. (Photos are not mandatory, but recommended).
  5. Help identify and confirm other bioblitzers’ identification.
  6. Observations do not need to be identified to species level, we accept any level of identification (including ‘Life’ for things we are clueless about so far).

If you are in the leadership team, help by checking that we don’t have clearly cultivated or captive species. Anything that isn’t ID to species can stay of course. The leadership team (admins) have the right to remove any observations that are not added correctly to the project.

On May 23 at midnight the leadership team starts sorting the data and make the list of winners and numbers in various categories. We usually do the top five species, top five observers, and top five species observers. But it is already clear that we are all winners this year - together we have already made this the biggest Personal Bioblitz ever. The report will be put on the website and on the iNaturalist project page.

So, if you still have your photos in your camera or smartphone, get them up on this project website now :)

Fantastic work all of you!


Posted by vilseskog vilseskog, May 17, 2021 12:21


I was so excited to be part of the project again this year! I'm glad I have a few more days to upload more observations and will try and identify as much as I can before the deadline. Thanks for leading this great effort!

Posted by pffoster 6 months ago (Flag)

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