Less than a month left...

Now it is less than a month left on the Personal Bioblitz! I am sure that you, just like me, are sitting with a bunch of unreported observations from places near and far. Don't forget to get them uploaded. Last date for upload is May 25, and last day for observations are May 15.

Currently we have over 4500 observations and nnearly 1200 species. Many more to come! Don't forget to add all common species, and help each other to ID unknown species and/or confirm species identifications online. If you agree with a species identification it will change the observation to 'Research grade'.

If you have any problems adding species that not yet exist in the iNaturalist database, contact me and the others in the bioblitz team and we will help you.

Also, we are inspiring others. Lawrenceville School in NJ just started their own long-term bioblitz for students and teachers, and it is led by John Clark, a teacher at the school and visiting researcher at Rutgers.

Keep up the fantastic work! More species for the people :)

Posted by vilseskog vilseskog, April 18, 2016 05:12


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