It is over, time for wrap up.

So, the 2016 Bioblitz observation period is over as of midnight yesterday, but you have ten days to ID and add observations you didn't get uploaded or identified yet. I am sure we will break the 2000 species barrier together, don't you. Stay tuned for the celebration in early June where we will find out who won the different categories (grad students, undergrads, faculty, alumni, family, and others) when it comes to most species and most observations. There will be prizes this year too!

In the meantime, upload the things you saw between March 1 and May 15 that didn't make it into iNaturalist yet, work on your own identifications, and help others with theirs, to get this into as a complete community observation list as possible. This has been a great year everybody!!!

Best wishes

Posted by vilseskog vilseskog, May 16, 2016 11:51


This was my first participation in a long term and geographically unlimited bioblits. It has been rather stressful but in a positive way. Maybe a little bit disappointing to put a halt to the species search while so many new species are exploding and emerging from one day to the other.
Also a little disappointing to realize that my knowledge is so limited that I have to ignore species just because I have no clue to their identity and there is not enough time to learn new species groups from the beginning. But this is of course a challenge and an incentive to learn more about Life on Earth for future prospects.

Posted by frogplanet over 5 years ago (Flag)

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