Remote Bioblitz Help: Standby to ID observations

Our Connecticut State Bioblitz is just around the corner, starting tomorrow (Friday) at 3:00 PM EDT and running through 3:00 PM EDT on Saturday.

We're after the world bioblitz species record, and in addition to 180+ experts from across the Northeast, we've assembled a small team of some of the most prolific iNaturalist users from the Eastern United States.

Ken-ichi Ueda (@kueda) is here and he's very excited to hold a 'microblitz' for the public to allow them to learn how to use iNaturalist. This will be running from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM EDT and we expect a lot of poorly-identified observations from this component.

So we need your help! If you're able to ID or confirm observations remotely on Friday or Saturday, and especially during the microblitz on Saturday that would be fantastic! Please consider donating a small amount of time to participating in solidarity with those of us on the ground!

Please spread the word as well! @sambiology, @aguilita, @greglasley, @borisb, @loarie, @kevinhintsa, @d_kluza, @john8, @dhobern, @fm5050, @rcurtis, @muir, @polemoniaceae, @kylejones, @choess, @wildflowerenthusiast5, @tsn, @treichard, @botanygirl, @allenratzlaff, @zaccota, @kpmcfarland, @larry522, @rpayne.

Posted by mickley mickley, June 02, 2016 17:17



Sweet! I'll try my best to help out!

It might be wise to use the 'commonly observed species from Connecticut' to help folks with their ID's in the field as well:

Posted by sambiology about 5 years ago (Flag)

Also, @mickley , will all species be recorded digitally for us to enjoy too??? I do hope so. :) I think is a crucial aspect to engaging the public with bioblitzes... Species lists aren't as engaging as digital vouchers for the public to look at, in my opinion.

Posted by sambiology about 5 years ago (Flag)

Sam, no unfortunately not, though we'd love to have as many observations as possible on iNaturalist. We're expecting 180-200+ experts, and probably 75% or more of them have never used iNaturalist. Some don't have smartphones or cameras either. To have a shot at the species record, they really need to maximize their time in whatever way is most efficient for them.

We'll train as many as are interested though, and I think the iNat component will still be fairly large: there are plenty of people who intend to put their stuff on here.

Posted by mickley about 5 years ago (Flag)

Hey Sam, @sambiology, I should explain that, at least for us mollusk people, 24-hours was not nearly as much time as we needed, especially if one or both of you are going to get some sleep overnight.

We spent a huge amount of time searching for species, including visiting quite a number of different localities, and then a huge amount of time working on ID-ing what we had (because we had to give a total number of species before the end of the BioBlitz), so in the end there was very little time for making observations for iNaturalist, especially as we did not have a photomicrography set-up. As it was we did pretty well, but perhaps we had had two more mollusk people, or even two student helpers, that would have made things a bit easier.

Posted by susanhewitt about 5 years ago (Flag)

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