Bioblitz celebration party in September 2016

Hi bioblitzers- I have decided, all by myself, that we will have the celebration party for the winners for the Spring 2016 Personal Bioblitz in September 2016 when classes start again. Everybody is out and traveling or doing fieldwork now. And for those winners that can't show up in person in September, we will provide you with prizes in other ways.
The website with the results are here:

Yes, there are prizes! I am not telling you what right now, but some really good ones donated by participants in the Bioblitz. We will set up a system where the winners get to pick in order, with students going first. So, hold out to September, when we kick of the fall semester at Rutgers with a Bioblitz summary party.

And, if you have a nice biodiversity or fieldwork related prize you want to donate, send it over to my office (237 Foran Hall on Cook Campus, Rutgers).

Best wishes and happy species hunting this summer!


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