Beetle Mania 2022

Beetles of India

Inviting you to Beetle Mania 2022

An inaugural event to celebrate these jewels of nature, and to understand more about beetles


21st August 2022

An online talk, by Amol Patwardhan & the Flabella Team, is scheduled 4 to 5 PM. See the talk on youtube here while this is the journal report

27th August 2022

Online Zoom Talk on Beetle Diversity in the Himalayas,
Speaker - Dr. Kailash Chandra, Former Direction Zoological Survey of India
and A leading Entomologist & Beetle Expert. Details are here

Details of the event and to Register follow this link

22nd to 28th August - Inaturalist Event

The observation event live on iNaturalist

Inaturalist event some norms
  1. Top observers and identifiers__ will receive a surprise gift while participants meeting a basic minimum (50 observations ) will receive participation certificates.
  2. Other norms on ethics would be as per the norms for Monsoon Beauty 2022
  3. Observations Counts from Beetle Mania 2002 would be counted towards Monsoon Beauty 2022

Beetle Walks

Proposed in:

  1. Munsiari, (Himal Prakriti & India's Nature )
  2. Dehradun (Titli Trust)

More Beetle walks are being organized - the full list of places and contacts to be uploaded soon)
( In case any group would like to organize a beetle walk and would like the information to be disseminated kindly write to @ram_K on Inaturalist or email

Details of Partnering Groups

Area of Work – India
Persons : Vijay Barve @vijaybarve
Phone: +91 98457 24832 (Whatsapp)
Email : Vijay Barve

East Coast Conservation Team

Area of Work : Andhra Pradesh Coasts
Contact Person: Sri Chakra Pranav (Coordinator Andhra Pradesh) @srichakrapranav
Contact details:
Phone no.: +91 99013 28731
Email -
Instagram -

Flabella Ecoservices LLP

Area of Work - Maharashtra / India
Contact Persons :
Amol Patwardhan; +91 98209 62452 @amolpatwardhan
Harshad Parekar; @beetlemaniac
Drashti Danani
Email :

Himal Prakriti – A trust for Nature

Geographic Reach: Munsiari, Uttarakhand
Contact Person: Trilok Singh Rana @triloksinghrana
Contact details:
Email: ,,
Phone no.: +91 8937978148 (also whatsapp)
Instagram –@voicesofmunsiari @himalayanark

Nature Mates-Nature Club

Geographic Reach: State of West Bengal
Contact Person: Arjan Basu Roy
Contact details:
Phone no.: 9874357414
Instagram - nature_mates_nc

Nature Science Initiative

Area of Work – Uttarakhand
Contact Persons : Soumya prasad
Cell: +91 75791 84123 (Whatsapp)
Tel: +91 135 2651654
Email :

Titli Trust

Area of Work – Nature Education, Conservation
Contact Persons : Sanjay Sondhi @sanjaysondhi
Phone: +91 94120 52189
Email :
Website -


  1. Jennifer
  2. Mehar Arunika
  3. Aastha Tewari

Looking forward to your participation.
Ram @ram_k
India's Nature
on Behalf of
Team Beetle Mania 2022

Invitational Poster for your viewing pleasure

Beetles Mania 2022


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