A new Computer Vision Model (v2.7) including 1,785 new taxa

We released a new computer vision model today. It has 79,797 taxa up from 78,387. This new model (v2.7) was trained on data exported last month on August 20th.

Just a short post this time compared to past posts as we're focused on announcing the iNaturalist Geomodel with this v2.7 release.

Here's a graph of the models release schedule since early 2022 (segments extend from data export date to model release date) and how the number of species included in each model has increased over time.

Here is a sample of new species added to v2.7:

Posted on September 21, 2023 09:25 PM by loarie loarie


Nice, now some of my favorite lycosids will show up on the AI model!

Posted by huttonia 5 months ago

27 new plant species for my Cape Peninsula - and 4 of my obs that I can comment - Added to CV in Sept 2023 -

Posted by dianastuder 5 months ago

Thanks for the accurate releasing of the new models. I am thoroughly indexing all new releases. This model has a lot of new plant species from East Asia.

Posted by apseregin 5 months ago

At least 118 species of moths, among the 868 found in my yard, are yet unknown by the computer vision model. We still need to ID more observations!

Posted by imbeaul 5 months ago

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