10,000 observations and counting!

Congratulations my fellow fish friends, we have reached a huge milestone, the Australasian Fishes Project now has more than 10,000 observations. The ‘10,000th fish’ was a juvenile Bridled Triggerfish Sufflamen fraenatum (left image below).

Bridled Triggerfish Greynurse Shark Eastern Red Scorpionfish

A huge thank you to all the community; those of you who have uploaded observations and those of you who have added identifications and excellent comments. It only took us 4 months to pass this significant figure. I’m thrilled with how well the Project is going. Please keep up the great work, and hold on tight, we have big plans…

The member who added the 10,000th image was Sascha Schulz. Those of you who use the Project regularly will be aware that Sacha is one of the top contributors of observations and has made over 3,500 identifications, more than anyone else. You may not know, however, that Sascha isn't a great fan of selfies and for this reason is known in the diving community as “Shadow”. Three of his fish photos are shown above. Thank you Sascha, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Posted by markmcg markmcg, February 10, 2017 01:08 AM


Congratulations on a fantastic milestone!

Posted by rjadams55 almost 6 years ago (Flag)

Many thanks to Mark and all the others for their help with identifications. I think that this huge number of submissions shows that you are filling a need - help with fish id.
One thing that I would like to see in the future is the ability to produce a list of species for a particular locality e.g. SW Rocks, Lord Howe Is, etc

Posted by nyoni-pete almost 6 years ago (Flag)

Thanks for your kind comments. @nyoni-pete, there is actually a way you can set up places to query by. Click on Places in the grey toolbar above then click on the link down on the right to 'adding new places'. You can use a polygon to define your own place to search on.

Posted by markmcg almost 6 years ago (Flag)

Thanks to all who have contributed, its been a fantastic effort with over 370 individuals making observations.

None of this would be possible with the efforts Mark (McGrouther) has made over many years, helping divers, spearos and fishos out with ID's, and building up a massive network of experts. Thanks mate!

Posted by sascha_schulz almost 6 years ago (Flag)

Fantastic. I have learnt so much about species, etc. by contributing, it's great. Thanks Ken

Posted by ken_flan almost 6 years ago (Flag)

I'll second everyone else's comments. Hope we're all still around for the 100,000th observation!
I'd also like to thank everyone who's helped me with IDs -- and picked up my mistakes (there were quite a few! Which just shows how effectively iNaturalist works!)
By the way did you get to shake Mr Attenborough's hand on Wednesday Mark?

Posted by richardling almost 6 years ago (Flag)

Thank you @richardling. If I have anything to do with it Australasian Fishes will certainly be around for the 100,000th observation. I'm hoping that within 12 months there will be some significant improvements to tagging that will take the site to a new level! I'm in for the long haul. :) No, I didn't shake Sir David's hand but I was in the same room as him which was pretty cool. What an awesome man. :)

Posted by markmcg almost 6 years ago (Flag)

Haha, of course, it would be Sacha to hit the 10,000th fish - good on you mate :-)

Posted by stonius almost 6 years ago (Flag)

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