Welcome to FWC’s Nature Tracker program! If you’ve joined this project, you’re officially on the team. Every observation that you submit moves us closer to an understanding of what species we share our state with and where they may be found. We appreciate your help with enhancing our ability to conserve Florida’s natural heritage.

Interested in volunteering to serve as a project curator? Please email floridanaturetrackers@myfwc.com for further details.

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A Couple Helpful Suggestions:

Please make sure to label your observations as captive, if they depict birds in captivity.

Please try to include as accurate of a range as possible. The more accurate the observation, the more useful the observation is to state agencies handling the conservation of these species.


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With thousands of observations to verify, we could really use some additional curators. If you would like to help us verify observations, please email peter.kleinhenz@myfwc.com the following info:

Affiliation (if any) to an agency, school, nonprofit, etc.
Number of identifications on iNaturalist or other relevant qualification to be a curator

By curating, you will be directly benefiting Florida's bird species by helping provide FWC biologists with quality data that they can use to monitor populations.


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FYI - There was already a project called "Florida Birds" created back in 2016 to aggregate the Florida bird observations. I'm not sure there is any value in having two projects on iNaturalist dedicated to the exact same thing.

Posted by jaykeller over 3 years ago (Flag)

@jaykeller We created this project as part of FWC's Nature Trackers program. Doing so allows us to determine who curates the project and allows us to funnel verified observations directly into our databases, as well as the databases of the Florida Natural Areas Inventory. Certainly, many observations may be duplicated but the value of having ours has to do with the data ultimately benefiting the conservation of bird species in Florida. Hopefully that makes sense and thanks for your comment.

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