Goals for the Bee and Wasp Hotels project

In setting up this project I am hoping to foster some communication among iNaturalist users who have insect hotels. Observations might primarily document the most popular target guests, mason bees and their kin, but will also bring some deserved attention to solitary wasps that love holes just as much. More broadly, carefully observing insect houses for *all* guests (inquilines, parasitoids, etc.) can demonstrate hidden diversity in even highly urbanized settings. Thanks in advance for joining or for submitting observations. And please make yourself a hotel if you don't already have one. They make great gifts, too!

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Organisms observed at human-constructed insect hotels with holes. E.g., mason bees, leafcutter bees, carder bees, resin bees, cuckoo bees, and nest-provisioning, solitary wasps. Plus inquilines and anything that might be eating tenants (mites, parasitic wasps and flies, woodpeckers, fungi, etc.).

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