April 22, 2020

Early Spring in the High Desert

In the wake of Covid-19 restrictions and closures, the High Desert Museum staff have been working hard to create virtual content for audiences. We recently completed a "virtual field trip";


"Spring is an exciting time of year to explore the High Desert. In April and May, desert habitats begin to come alive after months of frigid weather. Warming temperatures and sunny days make it more comfortable for humans to be outside observing wildlife. Deer and pronghorn begin to move on their seasonal migrations to the high country, while an enormous diversity of birds arrive either to nest or to use desert lakes and streams as stopover habitat on their way to distant breeding grounds. As the sun warms the ground, plants make use of water stored in the soil from rain and snowfall to grow, bloom and reproduce before the bone dry, scorching summer months end the growing season. Spring is when the hidden biodiversity of the High Desert is most visible".

Many of the curator observations from the last two weeks were added during the process of collecting content for this work. We hope to encourage more people to contribute to this project in the weeks ahead as they get outdoors to explore the region.

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