September 06, 2019

Bugs on Alfalfa at a local event Sept 20

Wow, we've made it to 156 observations and 56 species! It's been fun to see the bug communities on alfalfa change heading into fall -- there are more grasshoppers and skippers showing up on our site these days.

Zach Gompert, Adair Schruhl, and I plan to summarize what we've found so far at the "Science Unwrapped" event on Sept 20 at the Eccles Science Learning Center, room 130, at Utah State University in Logan, UT. From 7-8pm there will be a presentation by other researchers about "Food for Thought," and afterwards, we will be a part of the after-seminar activities. If you can, come visit our table!

Cheers, Lauren

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July 21, 2019

Our map is looking great!

Bugs on Alfalfa naturalists:

Over the last couple weeks, we have added alfalfa sites from Idaho, Wyoming and North Dakota to the map! That's awesome!

If you have joined the project but haven't uploaded an observation yet, please do! :)

Cheers, Lauren

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July 04, 2019

We are getting close to 100 observations!

Nice work, Bugs on Alfalfa naturalists! I love all the photos of moths and butterflies that have come in recently. I bet we can reach 100 observations by the end of this week!

I just rediscovered this great insects-on-alfalfa guide made by USU Extension: I have learned that alfalfa weevil, hover fly, and lycaenid butterfly larvae all look quite similar!

Keep 'em coming! :)

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June 21, 2019

Our record of species richness has doubled in two weeks!

The Bugs on Alfalfa naturalists have now recorded 32 taxa! Let's keep the observations coming. You might even become addicted to contributing, like me...

Lately I've been wondering what would happen to all these invertebrates if someone were to eradicate this naturalized weed. And this thought reminded me of this paper:

Cheers, Lauren

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June 06, 2019

Join me!

Over the last couple weeks I've really enjoyed discovering and photographing critters on alfalfa. Zach and I have already found quite the diversity of bugs: 17 taxa and counting. This project is open to anyone and everyone, and is not limited to the alfalfa at Utah State University, so please join us! -Lauren

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