Embarrassed Apology, but Thanks!

I have to apologize for my seeming abandonment of this project. My only (poor) excuse is that I got pre-occupied with other projects here at the California Science Center and simply forgot about this one. So in spite of almost a year of silence, this project is still a going thing, and I thank all of you out there that have been contributing. A next step for us is to link the information you've been contributing to the California Science Center website ( where a wider swath of the public can see the work you've contributed to.

Posted on February 11, 2015 17:59 by ckopczakcsc ckopczakcsc | 0 comments | Leave a comment
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This project seeks to record the occurrence of plants and animals within a portion of the greater Los Angeles area that is defined by a large map on the wall of the L.A. Zone gallery in our Ecosystems exhibit. The L.A. Zone gallery describes the way Los Angeles, or any urban environment, operates under the same rules and processes of ecological science as any "natural" ecosystem. This includes ...more ↓

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