Camera trapping small mammals - part 1

We've just reached 25.000 verifiable camera trap observations added to the project! Special mention to @mononymous and @alvaroalvaradomontealto for each adding over a 1000 observations to the project from Australia and Costa Rica respectively.
I'm going to do two journal posts on camera trapping small mammals, a really cool way to use your trail cam differently than usual.

Camera Trapping Small Mammals

In many areas, the larger mammal fauna is relatively well known but often very little is known about the exact distribution of mice, voles and shrews. Targeting these with your camera traps will provide valuable new data on the distribution of these often little known animals.
Live trapping with actual traps is very intensive (you need to make sure you don’t leave the ...more ↓

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The purpose of this project is to collect camera trap images from all over the world.

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