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May 06, 2019

Results are in!

First off, another huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the City Nature Challenge this year! From organizing cities to organizing events to making observations to IDing observations to making sure iNaturalist keeps running, everyone who plays a role is hugely important to the success of the CNC.

Enjoy this infographic below summarizing some results, and scroll beyond it to see some amazing observations from around the world and some other interesting results! And leave us a note in the comments letting us know your favorite find or favorite moment of the City Nature Challenge - we'd love to hear them!
-Alison (@kestrel) & Lila (@lhiggins), CNC co-organizers

CNC 2019 Infographic

Highlights from around the world include:
The endangered Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin in Hong Kong,
Andean condors (the largest flying bird in the world) circling the mountains of Bolivia,
the first-ever iNaturalist observation of a beautiful orchid in Colombia,
a swallow-tailed kite dropping an iguana mid-air in Miami,
an African leopard in Cape Town,
festive tiger beetles in Oklahoma,
and African penguins walking the beach.
The first-time participation of cities around the world, especially in areas that were less well-documented on iNaturalist prior to the Challenge, have added species that have never been recorded in the platform’s history.

Some other interesting results:
Tena had the most observations, species, and observers for the "smallest cities" both in terms of population and area... and Angel R. Cabada, Port Aransas, Luxembourg, Leicester, and Duluth are all represented in the top three as well for the two "small cities" categories.

In just the 4 days of the City Nature Challenge...
Tena increased its total number of observations on iNaturalist by 2529%, Leicester by 1618%, and Port Harcourt by 923%
La Paz added 2273 species to its place on iNaturalist, followed by Tena with 2272 and Klang Valley with 1707
Number of observers in Tena increased by 269%, by 216% in Port Harcourt, and by 158% in La Paz.

And for cities who participated in the 2018 CNC...
Buenos Aires had a 1386% increase in observations this year, followed by Hermosillo at 502% and Prague at 380%
Buenos Aires found 496% more species this year, then El Paso at 161% and Prague at 128%
Prague had the biggest % increase in observers at 631%, then Buenos Aires at 483%, and Boulder at 279%

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