City Nature Challenge RESULTS

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped organize, participated in, and identified observations from the 5th annual City Nature Challenge! Despite a global pandemic, we had thousands more people participate compared to last year, and even with 150,000 fewer total observations compared to last year, we still ended up documenting more species!

Here are the collective results:
Observations: 815,258
Species: 32,500+, including more than 1,300 rare/endangered/threatened species
Observers: 41,165

Most-observed species globally: Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Since you can't click the links in the infographic, here are some of the interesting observations from around the world:
Stripe-breasted Starthroat (Heliomaster squamosus)
Western Bobcat (Lynx rufus ssp. fasciatus)
Variable Peacock Spider (Maratus chrysomelas)
Epidendrum radioferens orchid
Marten's Sidegill Slug (Berthella martensi)
White-spotted Slimy Salamander (Plethodon cylindraceus)
Craven Featherwort (Pedinophyllum interruptum)
Plains Zebra (Equus quagga)

The City Nature Challenge also contributed to the most observations uploaded in a week on iNaturalist again!

Thanks everyone! Continue to help IDing those CNC observations - it takes awhile to get through them! We're looking forward to CNC 2021!

-Alison (@kestrel), Lila (@lhiggins), & Amy (@amyjaecker-jones)

Posted on May 04, 2020 08:23 PM by kestrel kestrel


Awesome!!! Thank you indeed!

Posted by bug_girl about 3 years ago (Flag)

well done!! As always, thank you for making iNaturalist such a wonderful community to participate in :)

Posted by scubabruin about 3 years ago (Flag)

Thanks to everyone who organized and participated! I learned so much and had a ton of fun :)

Posted by conboy about 3 years ago (Flag)

Thanks! Will share this!

Posted by mich_croc about 3 years ago (Flag)

Amazing job Alison! (and of course to Lila and all the organisers too. Thoroughly enjoyed organising for Sydney and was awesome to finally get Australia on board.

One tiny correction @kestrel, in the first para should be with 150000 FEWER observations ;)

Posted by thebeachcomber about 3 years ago (Flag)

And can’t forget Amy either!

Posted by thebeachcomber about 3 years ago (Flag)

Wow wow wow! What a celebration of life!!

Posted by tigerbb about 3 years ago (Flag)

I had an awesome time going through the observations in my state. Learned much more from the experience than I helped. Looking forward to the Heart Of Texas CNC next year @bosqueaaron !

Posted by connlindajo about 3 years ago (Flag)

Loved this challenge! It was the best thing in the last few weeks.

Posted by cindylcobb5 about 3 years ago (Flag)

Thanks for the edit, @thebeachcomber! We had to be awake all sorts of ridiculous hours last night to grab each city's results at 9am their time, so I'm definitely a bit brain dead right now.

Posted by kestrel about 3 years ago (Flag)

I can imagine! I love the colour scheme for the map/graphics btw

Posted by thebeachcomber about 3 years ago (Flag)

It was the first City Nature Challenge for the Russian cities. I hope we've done our best! Beside three official participants, we also made unofficial CNC for 15 late cities. I think that they will join us the next year. Thanks a lot for the organizers. I'm tired of managing 18 cities within national venue, and I have no idea how you managed the whole world!

Posted by apseregin about 3 years ago (Flag)

What a great project. Thanks for organizing it. So glad I heard about it on Science Friday. I'll look forward to participating again next year.

Posted by dsimerly about 3 years ago (Flag)

Thanks to everyone who organized and participated!

Posted by karimhaddad about 3 years ago (Flag)

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