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April 28, 2021

Just Two Days Away!

Hello, and thank you for joining the 2021 City Nature Challenge: Western NC Project!

There are a lot of great online and in person programs happening as a part of the CNC. Plus ways to earn patches and naturalist prize packages. Of course, our real purpose is to document as much biodiversity as possible as a region, and I thank you all for your efforts!

For more information on the City Nature Challenge and special opportunities available to participants visit:

I'll be teaching a free online course this Thursday (see details via link above) on using iNaturalist and how to participate in the City Nature Challenge. If you are new to this effort you may find this class useful, and if you are a veteran iNaturalist user consider inviting someone who you think might enjoy the CNC.

Thanks again!

Jonathan Marchal

On iNaturalist: jmarchal

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April 18, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 City Nature Challenge!

And- thank you for joining Team WNC!

This year we're competing with 4 other regions in North Carolina for bragging rights on who can find the most biodiversity, contribute the most observations, and recruit the most observers. While friendly competition is great, the real goal here is to work collectively to document the most observations of organisms across our mountains, our state, and the world. Thank you for participating in this worthy effort.

Your help in documenting biodiversity is appreciated. We are offering a chance to earn a NC BioBlitz badge by attending a free online course I'll be presenting via The North Carolina Arboretum. Anyone who attends the class, adds 40 observations during the City Nature Challenge anywhere in N.C., and adds an identification to 10 other observations contributed to the CNC will receive this patch. Follow this link to register.:

To add to the fun, we'll be giving a Naturalist Prize Package to the top three observers of this project in the categories of Most Observations and Most Species. I'll reach out to the winners on May 10.

In an effort to document as much species richness as possible, it will be helpful if a variety of elevations, habitats and geography of our region is represented. I invite you to contribute to this Google Spreadsheet that I have created to share information about where members of this project are making observations. Participation is entirely voluntary, but I welcome your contributions! To access this document follow this link:

Have fun, stay safe, and thanks for contributing to our understanding of the biodiversity of our mountains!

Jonathan Marchal
on iNaturalist: jmarchal

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