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July 07, 2019

Humboldt Baykeeper gets $40K to test more North Coast fish for mercury.

The California Environmental Protection Agency awarded Humboldt Baykeeper, a program of the environmental conservation nonprofit Northcoast Environmental Center, $40,365 on June 26 to test Pacific lamprey, lingcod, black rockfish and other fish species for mercury.

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The hazards of fishing gear for the birds of Clear Lake.

We would like to expand our list of incidents for a research project that we are working on. If you happen to have witnessed a bird hooked or entangled in fishing gear at Clear Lake and have not spoken with us about it, please send us information on (1) the identity (or a description) of the bird, (2) whether the bird was on land or water, (3) what part of the bird was hooked or entangled, and (4) the date and location (which are less important than the other details, but useful to avoid duplicate reports of the same incident). You may contact Floyd Hayes at 707-337-0053 or .

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July 19, 2019

Shark Lab to launch comic book for kids, PSA for anglers at Long Beach open house July 20.

The Shark Lab and Cal State Long Beach’s marine biology department are hosting an open house — dubbed Shark Day at the Beach — on Saturday, July 20, as a way for marine enthusiasts to learn more about the creatures of the ocean.

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July 24, 2019

The booms and busts in the population of anchovies.

While whales make a big splash, spotting large populations of anchovies should also be exciting. The small fish are an important food source for many of San Francisco’s beloved wildlife species, including sea lions, salmon, Dungeness crabs and brown pelicans.

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July 30, 2019

Flipping Mako Shark Surprises San Diego Anglers.

A group of anglers accustomed to hooking bass off the coast of San Diego made a surprising catch Monday morning.

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July 31, 2019

Angling for a Big Sturgeon? Keep an Eye Out for a Reward Tag!

But anglers should also be on the lookout for White Sturgeon carrying a disc tag. Every year between August and October, CDFW fisheries biologists conduct a survey of White Sturgeon. Fish are captured by net, counted and measured. A small plastic disc tag is affixed to White Sturgeon that are between approximately 3-6 feet in length. The tag is placed at the base of the dorsal fin (see photo), and the sturgeon is then released. Information collected from returned disc tags allows CDFW fisheries staff to produce more accurate population metrics.

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