Using Found Feathers observations as reference specimens

Thanks to your contributions, the Found Feathers project has become quite an extensive virtual feather collection! I wanted to take a moment and explain how you can use this project as a source for reference specimens in cases where you want to back up an identification by referencing previously-identified observations. This way, we can more effectively utilize the time and energy investment of the many dedicated identifiers who have already reviewed and collectively identified thousands of feather observations (especially the talented @karakaxa who has single-handedly reviewed nearly every single observation in the project!).

To navigate to the project observations, click on Observations under the Totals section on the front page of the Found Feathers project on a ...more ↓

Posted on August 12, 2020 02:00 AM by featherenthusiast featherenthusiast | 9 comments | Leave a comment
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Helping with feather identification and documenting found feathers.

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