Useful Resources for Feather Identification

One of the most important parts of suggesting IDs is providing support/reasoning for your ideas, or at least being prepared to defend or reconsider your original thoughts. In the case of feathers, this can mean attaching a link to an image of matching feathers. There are many online resources, more than you might expect, each with their own regional focuses and organization style. Besides being useful for lending credence to IDs, exploring them can help you further your understanding of the similarities and differences between species, the appearances of the feathers of common species, and feather types/placements. Below is a list of three of the online resources I have found to be particularly useful.

- The Feather Atlas: Almost exclusively US-based. Maintained by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Features the flight feathers(only wing and tail) of over 380 US species. Feathers are set against a scaled grid for easy measurement. Only a few individuals illustrated per ...more ↓

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Helping with feather identification and documenting found feathers.

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