Gall Week 2023

Thanks everyone for participating in our 4th Gall Week event! We had the highest number of observers and observations so far, as you can see on our new umbrella project -
If you took any photos during Gall Week (9/2-10) you can still upload them and add them to the project, but please do not add later observations (of photos taken after 9/10). Now it's time to finish uploading your last photos and help identify galls, add annotations and field info (info here -
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Welcome to the 4th Gall Week event! Join us and document galls wherever you are at. Please photograph galls between Saturday, Sept 2nd and Sunday, Sept 10th. In order to contribute to our project, please join the project, and add your observations manually. You can also do it in bulk if you upload it on your desktop computer.
From our 2021 project:
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merav created this project on August 17, 2023
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