February 23, 2021

Our Google Group

We have established a The Green-Wood Fungi Phenology Project Google Group so members can receive email notifications and access our library of documents. It's pretty easy to join and it allows us to notify folks of last-minute forays or other late-breaking events. Click on the link and follow the directions.

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February 18, 2021

An exciting new addition to the Project!

Check it out! The Green-Wood Fungi Phenology Project on the Green-Wood Cemetery website is a series of Esri Story Maps describing the project, Fungi at Green-Wood , Why Fungi are Important, and How to Identify Fungi (which includes cool pictorial and geo-spatial descriptions of the fungi form groups with examples taken from iNat Green-Wood finds). Also included is a section (News and Events) where outings and other relevant events will be posted. We are keeping our Significant Finds list there as well.

The site is a co-production of Sara Evans (Manager of Horticultural Operations at Green-Wood), Sigrid Jakob and myself. Most of the photos were collected from iNat and posted by project members.

One of our ambitions is to supply regular data refreshes to keep the maps current. We have formulated the maps to display iNat observations that have been accepted into the national FunDIS project. A winter project of mine has been combing through my observation inventory and adding those that meet the FunDIS quality standards. Those nominations are reviewed by FunDIS folks to make sure they qualify. So in this way we reinforce one of our main goals -- to produce a solid fungal record for Green-Wood and to highlight those finds that add to it.

Enjoy the site! It is a true milestone.

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January 27, 2021

The January 2021 Update

We are ramping up our project with welcome emails and such, but want to make a couple of special call-outs.

First, we are very excited and grateful to Phyllis Ma for allowing us to use her fungi artwork for our icon (-- that's a Green-Wood blewit, Lepista nuda!) and project banner. Phyllis is also a active project member. You can check out more of her amazing artwork here:

Second, I want to alert everyone to a new species to North America found in Green-Wood. Sigrid Jacob, co-lead of this project, just published an alert and related details of her exciting find to our new Google Group "Green-Wood Fungi Phenology Project". Join the Google Group now and get notifications on all the latest fungi news and resources focusing on Green-Wood Cemetery fungi.

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October 23, 2020


We are in the early stages of pulling this project together. There are only a couple more weeks in the fall fungi season but all the recent rain has produced some welcome flushes that are ready to document. So for the short term we'd like to focus on collecting data and then spend the winter working through some of the indoor project stuff that will include some training materials and interesting links to articles and papers related to the project.

For all who are interested and can make it, let's meet at the main Green-Wood gates at 10AM on Sunday (10/25), talk through some of the standards we are looking to set up for our data collection, and go find some shrooms! Send me (pcpalmer3 in iNat) a note to let me know you will try to join us.

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