Streamlining the review process for leaf mine observations

A prolific poster of leaf mine observations wrote to me today to make sure he wasn't overwhelming me with an excessive number of observations, and I thought it might be useful to share my reply with everyone.

It is true that I'm still two months (and about 3800 observations) behind in reviewing observations in this project after my summer travels, but I certainly wouldn't want to rein in anyone's enthusiasm for leafminers! If you do your best to ID each observation, it isn't really too much work for me when I just get to click "agree" on most of them. And when you have no clue, the AI/CV is getting better and better--when I was new to iNat I used to get grumpy about people suggesting ridiculous IDs based on what the computer suggested, but the real problem is people who go around agreeing with ridiculous IDs when they actually have no clue. At this point, if you select the computer's top suggestion when you don't know what a leaf mine is, I think you'll be right ...more ↓

Posted on November 12, 2023 12:27 AM by ceiseman ceiseman | 4 comments | Leave a comment
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Leafminers are insect larvae that live and feed between the epidermal layers of leaves. In North America they include at least 40 families of moths, 10 families of flies, 6 families of beetles, and 2 families of sawflies. I am interested in seeing any photos of North American leaf mines that are posted to iNaturalist, so I invite you to include yours in this project (and please spread the ...more ↓

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