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Hi everybody!

Thanks for adding your photos of leaf mines to this project. Just a few hours in and there are already over 600 observations! I wanted to mention a few things in addition to what is in the "About" section:

- If your photos are already part of a regional leafminer project, there is no need to add them here, since I've created an umbrella project to keep track of them all: ...If you are aware of others (or decide to start one), just let me know and I'll add them on.

- There is lots left to learn about leafminers, so if you encounter mines that can't be identified, I encourage you to try rearing them to adults. My rearing methods are outlined here:

- For a complete ...more ↓

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Leafminers are insect larvae that live and feed between the epidermal layers of leaves. In North America they include at least 40 families of moths, 10 families of flies, 6 families of beetles, and 2 families of sawflies. I am interested in seeing any photos of North American leaf mines that are posted to iNaturalist, so I invite you to include yours in this project (and please spread the ...more ↓

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