Entering the life stage in observations

iNaturalist has an Insect Life Stage field that can be added to insect observations to identify the life stage. This project will utilize this field to present data views split by life stage.

Use the Insect life stage field to enter the stage of each of your observations: adult, caterpillar [larva], chrysalis/cocoon [pupa], or egg. Then the observations will appear on the following taxon lists, which are split by life stage.

On single-observation pages, the Insect Life Stage field appears below the photos. For example:
If the field has not been added, use the Add/edit more fields link to add it.

One can also add the Insect Life Stage using the Batch Edit feature at the top of one's own Observations page.

All life stages:
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Submit wild butterfly and moth observations from Maryland, USA to this project.

Butterflies and especially moths are incompletely documented in Maryland. By simply photographing these important insects and sharing your sightings, you can increase knowledge of the 2500 species found in Maryland.

So turn on the exterior light at home and let the nocturnal moths come ...more ↓

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